Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammys 2010: Wayne, Drake, EMINEM, and Travis Barker Perform

Wow Drake made it to the top in such a short time. Oh and the performance was decent. Eminem took it though.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wayne Interview: Westwood 5 Parts

Here's a five part interview of Lil Wayne with Tim Westwood. It's pretty recent.

He speaks about new music, sizzurp, his tour, young money, dropping 2 mil on drake's mixtapes and more.

P.S. Pay ATTENTION in Part 3 you should ALL study that.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nino Brown Part 2 DVD

Here's the full NINO BROWN PT 2 so enjoy it while you can

Part 4


Wayne makes MAGIC... Whether I thought he was better before back then or not.

Lil Wayne feat. Gudda Gudda - Magic

Do's and Don'ts of Young Money


Listen to this... Wayne spits some rules of Young Money.

Worldwide Legacy: Wayne's World 7 Mixtape

Gotta love the classics...

I believe Weezy in his prime was back around Tha Carter II while he was killing the mixtape game.

Listen to Worldwide Legacy: Wayne's World 7 Mixtape

Download Mixtape Free Mixtape Player

Sunday, January 24, 2010

HOT TRACK: "Incredible"

Trae feat. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

This just came out a few days ago. Listen below.

wayne's secret to success

Diddy asks Wayne to bust out some advice for people out there.

Check what Wayne says at the end.

fan throws money at wayne

A fan throws money on stage at Wayne's concert.

He stops the song and says some funny ish to the crowd.

"I ain't a stripper."

Check out what went down in the video below.

new video: money on my mind

Even though the track is pretty old, wayne released this video recently.

check out: money on my mind

Static Major was underestimated

Static wrote a lot of hits for Aaliyah and Genuwine during their careers.

He was never given the credit he was due. And I hate how that always happens in music..

These two tracks are some of my favourites.

Static Major - Private Number

Static - For a Long Time

Wayne dissing Static Major?

If you don't know who Static is, he's the singer featured in Lil Wayne's biggest commercial hit "Lollipop". He died not too long after the single was released.

I'm two-sided on my opinion when it comes to Wayne's personality. If you seen the Carter III documentary, there's a part when his manager talks about Wayne turning his back on them. Why is he doing shit like that, playing good guy/bad guy? what a f*ckin punk...

Check this out: Wayne forgets Static Major at the VMA awards


at the BET awards.

listen to this.

Top 10 Songs

Wayne has thousands of songs.
So I can't justify choosing 10...
But a lot of what he puts out these days isn't of quality the way it was back eight years ago, during Tha Carter I & II.

This isn't based on lyrical content of the tracks.
It's about his flow and how he tells a story in the song.
Or maybe it's just because he says something I identify with personally.
It's not in any particular order, and next week I may like a different 10.

It changes every day.

10. We Be Steady Mobbing

9. Need Some Quiet Time

8. Pom Pom

Some of the lines in this are hilarious. Check the 3rd verse.

7. You Ain't Know

6. Hustler Musik

Money is the motivation...

5. Money On My Mind

4. Pray To The Lord

3. Kush

2. I Know The Future

1. I'm Cold

The beat + what he's saying. That did it.